PhDr. Marta Boučková

She graduated from Charles University in Prague, majoring in psychology.

Since 1994, she runs a private practice (First Prague Partner Counseling Center) and since 2002 he is Chairman of the Board of the European Institute of career - ECI o.s.

She specializes in applied psychology consultancy. Her psychological approach based on cognitive behavioral psychology.

In his private practice, working with clients who are focused on their own personal development, but also helps clients who deal with their personal crisis, or marital partner.

As a specialist in diagnosing balance long-term cooperation with companies from the position of an external consultant in the field of interpersonal relationships, tuning the team for the area of individual personal development and targeted career management.

In recent years, a large part of her professional activities channeled into individual work stress, which often closely follows the necessity of a specific application tuning optimal lifestyle towards harmonization of body and mind in the context of daily duties. Stress can be described in general, but for optimum integration into everyday life it is necessary to work individually. A valid if that everybody is different, then each of us has its own "stress", with which they must learn to deal for itself. At work, stress is nothing surprising. When you know it, you can understand and then also manage it.

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