Ayurvedic therapies

Ayurveda is the science of life. Ayur means life and Veda is the science of translation. Ayurvedic therapies use the healing power of nature, helps us to better healthy life. Today Ayurveda rivals even the most demanding medical sciences, offers solutions for a variety of health problems without side effects with positive influence on lifestyle. Therefore, it is very quickly becoming very popular in the field of holistic health treatments, offering efficient solutions eg. To fight against stress, where Western medicine is failing.

Ayurveda and its healing aspects


Rejuvenating Programs (Rejuvenation programs) are a combination of healing massages, herbal therapies - massages, wraps, baths positively influence the lymphatic and immune systems.

One of the most effective programs in this category Panchakarma - focuses on total body cleansing, internal organs, blood and lymph circulation, positively affects the nervous system and improves overall health status. Panchakarma includes internal cleansing the intestines, stomach, nose and sinuses, herbal steam bathes, massages and uses ayurvedic and herbal supplements.


Ayurveda practice seeks the total elimination of the disease, not only the elimination of pain and symptoms of illness, but is looking for its cause and harmonizes all bodily systems. "Brings the body back into balance perfect health." Almost all known diseases Ayurveda cures, including post-traumatic conditions, and paralysis, spondylitis, arthritis, rheumatism, prolapsed discs, anxiety, depression, nervous disorders, diabetes, hypertension, heart disorders, inflammation, migraine, insomnia and infertility. In most cases we see improvement of nearly 80%. If it starts with Ayurvedic therapies at an early stage of the disease, then success is almost 100%.
100% success is for lifestyle diseases such as obesity and stress.

Basic Ayurvedic Therapy

Prior to the application of these treatments Ayurvedic treatments always recommend consultation with Ayurvedic physicians, who will not recommend an appropriate treatment in terms of dominant doshas, but also a suitable oil, which is performed subsequent therapy.


Oil massage bringing relaxation of body and mind. Using special warm herbal Ayurvedic oils are released and harmonization of the entire body. Abhyanga is the basic Ayurveda, which stimulates blood circulation, relieves internal stress, nervous system, muscles and joints. It helps the flow of prana (vital energy in the body) and lymph circulation, which promotes inner balance and longevity.

PADA Abhyanga

Oil Ayurvedic therapies lower limbs focusing on reflexology foot massage. This type of massage is called "zone therapy" stimulates the reflex points on the feet, releasing endings organ pathways and stimulates the activity of internal organs.

KATI Abhyanga

Oil back and neck massage. It uses a special blend of Ayurvedic oils to warm up stiff and tired muscles, relieve pain and remove tension. Relaxing and revitalizing massage brings a sense of release and relief.


Special Ayurvedic massage therapy focused on the area between the eyebrows (the sixth chakra), relaxes and invigorates the senses and the mind. Induces an overall feeling of inner harmony, balance, mental clarity and understanding. Shirodhara literally means gentle flow of oil to the head. It's a very nice massage technique brings a unique experience. Part of this procedure is also head massage.


Just like Shirodhara, this massage focuses on the area between the eyebrows (6.čakra). During this therapy, uses cooling properties of milk. Part of this procedure is also head massage when milk helps combat scalp problems such as dandruff and hair loss. This therapy is extensively used to treat insomnia.


Full body oil massage using a special oil by individual Ayurvedic diagnosis doshas. During the massage, the body is heated by applying a herbal wraps and packs. Stimulates the blood circulation, the flow of the lymphatic system, promote the excretion of toxins from the body, relieves stiffness and pain in muscles and helps arthritis.


Therapy that uses pressure to special vital points - Marma points where there is a stimulation of the flow of vital energy at those points in the organ paths. Masseur performs pressure of the fingers, thumb or palm. This massage is useful if you feel tired, exhausted and overworked. It helps relieve fatigue and gently stretches the entire body.


Traditional massage of the head, neck and shoulder massage is performed in the prone position in order to release the intense stress and tension. This very ancient therapy relieves muscle tension, improves joint mobility, stimulates blood circulation and helps remove toxins from the body.


Therapy which is aimed to eliminate pain in the lower back. It uses a special paste made of flour, which is placed in a circle at the painful site and then filled with hot oil, which warms up and releases muscle tension. Kati Vasti very old therapy that improves the flexibility of the spine, removes cramps, pain and spasms. It is a suitable treatment at spondylosis.